Today's industrial development toward New Millennium requires more fineness, miniaturization, and high-quality. In the field of semi-conductor , electronics, precision machinery, optical , and medicine industry, the demand of germ-free, humidity-free is getting important, following the development of industry. For fulfilling the demand of above conditions, R & D of clean equipment has been being advanced. Clean equipment consists of clean room, air shower, clean booth, clean bench and other components. It controls microsome, germ, temperature, humidity, luminance, air pressure and so on, and keeps the room in optimum standard. We, SMC, have been researching and developing the clean equipment, doing our best to supply customers best quality, best price products and to meet the needs of the times and advance of technology, since being founded. Here, We would like to thank our customers and promise that we will do more efforts to satisfy customer's need.

Thank you.

  • Company Office & Factories
    TEL : 82-32-610-4511
    F A X : 82-32-610-4519
    Asan Factory : 106-3 Shinhang-Ri Dunpo-Myun Asan-city Choongchungnam-Do Korea
    Kimpo Factroy : 802 Nusan-ri Yangchon-Myun Kimpo-City Kyunggi-Do Korea

1990. 04

Jungmyung Engineering Established
Office : Buchun-city, Kyunggi-do, Korea
Capital : 30,000,000 Korean won
1994. 02 Moved to Anyang-city, Kyunggi-do, Korea
1997. 08 Moved to shihwa - industrial zone in Ansan-city, Kyunggi-do, Korea
1997. 12 Changed company name to Shinmyung Clean-Air Machine
1998. 02 Capital Increased - 300,000,000 Korean won
1998. 10 Corporated Shinmyung Industry Co.,Ltd
2000. 03 Changed name to SMC air Co.,Ltd
2001. 04 Main office & Sales Dept Moved to Buchun-City Kyunggi-Do
2001. 05 the Second Factory in Incheon Opened
2002. 03 the First Factory moved to Asan-City, Chungchungnam-Do
2004. 05 the Second Factory moved to Kimpo-City, Kyunggi-Do
2006. 02 Moved main Office & the Second Factory
2006. 10 Capital Increased - 500,000,000 Korean Won
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